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IPhone will beat DSLR in long run

I started taking interest in photography recently and have accumulated a decent amount of gear but I am realizing that the ease of taking out your phone and clicking picture will beat the DSLR in long run. A friend recently visited me from NY and we wanted to take a family picture and I was setting up Tripod and Flash and doing settings changes and he was like leave all this, lets take a Selfie and that’s it, in 2 second the picture was done and he shared it on facebook in another 1 second.  Now one can argue that DSLR would have clicked a better picture but DSLR has many things going against it:-
  1. Learning curve : I must have spent 200+hours on reading about photography but still cant take decent pictures as my bar is high. Not everyone is interested in spending this much time.
  2. Amount of gear to be carried : On hikes its a pain to carry your DSLR whereas your phone has to be anyway with you.
  3. Cognitive effort of tweaking the gear: You have to have a different lens/settings for different situations.
  4. Setting your bar high : Once you take out a DSLR people expect the picture to be good
  5. Time to share pictures: You have to take your SD card out and get the pictures to laptop and put it on the cloud storage and send a link via whatsapp.
  6. Post Processing pictures: To be even more perfect you need to post process pictures.

IPhones have improved a lot and for most people its the ease of taking out your phone and clicking a picture and sharing it instantly is enough to turn the tide over.  The pictures taken by IPhone will not be DSLR quality but hey people dont expect it to be and in this case "ease" trumps the "quality" and with IPhone7 Plus the camera lens has improved a lot and its reaching DSLR quality when lighting is perfect. I believe IPhone is disrupting the DSLR and soon DSLR will be used by professionals only.

Startups are along same lines, they are disruptive in the sense that most of them solve the existing problems in the world but they find a new delivery method that reduces the burden of doing things.  For e.g. Cloud storage services like Egnyte disrupted the way people Sync, share and protect data. Expensify disrupted the way people track expenses by using Mobile App and smart scan of receipts.

PS: DSLR are still better when IPhones are in handicap situations like below but not too many people run into these.
  1. You are in a zoo or safari and want a zoom lens
  2. Lighting is bad and you need wide aperture to capture more light.
  3. Night time party pictures:- You need external flash with DSLR.
  4. Astronomy pictures that may require a longer shutter speed like taking milky way picture or taking super moon picture.


  1. Well, I agree to some extent, why long run, this has already started happening. However, professional pictures even today need DSLRS, like an iPhone cant beat the magic of what Canon 5D can do! So we can say for a lay man, DSLRs are becoming irrelevant, that's why you have started seeing cheaper models of DSLRs popping out every season. However, do not underestimate the camera mfgrs, they do have their R&Ds and definitely must be working out to disrupt this 'wildebeest migration'.

    By the time, keep shooting, clicking, pressing, tapping (and editing).

  2. Agree with you that’s why in the epilogue I mentioned DSLRs are still good for professionals but for common man the phones are doing a better job than even basic point and shoot cameras.


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